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Story & pictures: Henkka, Jukka Suvisalmi,

Ahvenisto Circuit/Hämeenlinna/ Renault Club De Finlande was on track 10.06.2006

Renault Club De Finlande arrange Jour-G in Ahvenisto.There was Ford Cosworth club at the same time

Even the sun knew the famous French car Renault 8 Gordin!!

The Ford Cosworth. It was nice to see a Gordini going past of them in corners and break points (Tapio Piittari). Just fine! It remains me The David and the Goliath? story. Ok when the straight opens, Cosworth just run a way but there was always the next corner!

Mikko Nieminen and Retsi were there too with their 1600cm Renault Gordini. Gordini runs like a blue thunder when Mikko was driving.

Henkka`s ex-Dauphine were on the track with his (her)? new owner. Henkka has made a return to Renault 8 models. Let's see what is happening, turbo, Alpine motor, 10” wheels??? Something fast that's sore

But lets go to the photos and Thanks to Rode, for the organisation.

New photos are here now!