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© 2004 Jukka Suvisalmi and Juha Moisio(copy). All rights reserved.
Story & pictures: Tapio Piittari and Jukka Suvisalmi

Gordinis on ice 2004

The house of Markku Kivijärvi at Ranua (in Lapland) FINLAND. Think Markku has Ice track near at his house!

Markku Kivijärvi, the Gordini man at Ranua (Lapland), have allways driving all G-forums happening from the far a way at Lappland (oneway at least 800km driving).

2004 Markku organized Gordini Ice Track happening in Ranua! Now all the other Gordini people had at least 600km travel to driven in Ranua. "It realy was worth of it, every kilometer, thank`s Markku!" says all afterwards .

On Ice Track in Ranua was next G-forum people Tapio Piittari with yelow Renault 8 S(Alpine motor and Gordinis gearbox), with Gordini was Eero Aho, Heimo Herrala, Toni Herrala, Esa Pallaspuro and Markku Kivijärvi.

The grip is super phenomenal. (Ice race tyres)

A little piece of Gordinis HISTORY in FINLAND:>
One of the reasons the Renault 8 Gordini became so famous and loved here in Finland is that it was very successful in ice racing, a Nordic motor sport specialty. Races of the 60's and 70's were starred by many famous rally drivers, including names like Jorma Lusenius, Pauli Toivonen, Markku Alén and so one. The tracks were located on frozen lakes, like Markku Kivijärvi have, maybe that is why the little blue R8G was nicknamed after waterfowl here in Finland; When you mention the word " Sinisorsa" ("Mallard" in English) in right context, everyone knows you're talking about the R8G.

In Gordini please do not use the ordinary Renault wheels, use only the original Gordini wheels or alloy wheels! Why not? I think, one of these pictures you can see the reason!!