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Renault 8 Gordini 40 years in Finland 1965-2005 (NEW)

New photos are here from our 40 year's celebrity Parainen 05.02.05.

Parainen Kirjava Kari Pauna and his brother, they have made a fantastic job to us. We really could drive on ice where the Renault 8 Gordini starts the famous part on Finland's motor sports history. We gave to Kari a model (1/18) form Gordini to memory of the fantastic job.(1.st photo Me and Kari Pauna)

Model of Renault 8 Gordini (scale 1/18) get next people for the victories that they have driven at 8 Gordini: Jorma "Lussari" Lusenius, Matti Myberg, Reino Vallius, Rainer Nylund, Markku Alen, Antti Ojanen. In Gordini there was their own names, own register plates from history and Finland's 40 years celebrity sticker!

Two "new" driver's got the Gordini model too: Petri Koski how won 2004 Historic race championship under 1300 class with 8 Gordini. Tapio Piittari how has been in all happenings that has been arrange in Finland in these day's, he's always ready to run with his Gordini and he is fast.

Jorma Lusenius was the first driver how won champion series rally (overall) with Renault 8 Gordini in Finland. Jorma`s car was BSX-1! He gives the prise (crystal bottle) from that rally to his famous Gordini BSX-1 new owner, Eero Aho! "The prize must always be with the BSX-1" If Eero is selling the car (not happening ever!) the prize must go with the car, Jorma says. Reino Vallius gave to as two of his prizes too. Jukka Suvisalmi