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Renault 8 Gordini 40 years in Finland 1965-2005 (NEW)

So many thought that we can't go on ice at 05.02.2005 because the winter has been so warm (+5c). 150km a round from Turku weren't ice at anywhere!

Parainen Kirjava there was ice and that's the place where we was celebrating Renault 8 Gordinis birthday!! . Track was 800m long and at the start there was water on the ice, but after we have driving few laps with Gordini`s the water was a cone. People came all over the country, Helsinki, Lahti,Vaasa, Jyväskylä and so one... We haven't never get so many Gordinis at one place at the same time that we now had.

There were many ex. Finland Renault team driver's, mechanics, cars. Jorma Lusenius, Rainer Luotonen, Reino Vallius, Matti Nyberg, Rainer Nylund...... They haven't seen each others at almost 20 years and had not seen their famous Gordinis too. Now they all meet again!

Famous car's like BSX-1, EX-600, ATC-8, AMD-80, RK-22, YHA-2......... And when ex. drivers and mechanic's hear the sound of Renault 8 Gordini, they all start smiling.. why!?? Memories maybe?? But now the photos, watch and join the happiness what we all have in the Renault 8 Gordinis 40 year celebrities in FINLAND.

And many THANK`S from all to PAUNA brothers who made a fantastic place at celebrity Gordinis 40,s. Same THANK`S to RENAULT FINLAND, Pirkanmaan Käyttöauto,Pertti "Pepe" Flinck, Relluosa, EuroStart, Auto-Kilta, Renault club de Finland, THANK`S You make possible our surprise present's to some ex. drivers and some other person. See the BYM-2 Gordini model, Markku Alens present. Moore photos are coming aft her few day's. Jukka Suvisalmi