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Pictures and text: pour le trophée, Christophe Bouchet (translate Alta Vista Jukka Suvisalmi)

International Gordini Revival, Circuit de Zolder 21 & 22 Avril 2007.

Finally, in spite of many discussions and of not fewer interrogations with the payment presented by Renault Histoire and Collection.

It is to three of the hard core of the trophy that we were registered: Michel Malherbe, Joel Fouquer, and myself. We are a little dubitative when with the exaggeratedly strict and repressive presentation of the payment.

More especially as one guesses there a true ignorance of the car and constraints which one meets to make roll.

For example, although Michelin is presented as sponsor of the demonstration, it no facilitated there to get tires into 135/15.

It is asked for an exhaust of series, untraceable; the assembly of harness is advised, but the support head in this obligatory case, how to make on seats of series?!...

The sporting payment when with him is even more restrictive: no the passing, departure of the cars ones after the others in shifted....

The communication with the organizers is limited a little and the precise infos do not filter too much.

As much to say that one leaves with the firm intention to make move the things, the only received concrete information being which one will be able to discuss on the spot.

We all the same let ourselves allure by: the discovery of circuits on which we are not accustomed to turning, the one season idea between buddies on our preferred cars.

The equipment out of equipment promised with engagement (combination, shoes, helmet, gloves).

Pass, program, ticket bed for the accompanying car... received, go is given Friday 20 at the beginning of after midday for the first test on the circuit of Zolder.

Travel without problem with my trailer coldly bought, arrived on the circuit under a radiant sun. Navigation carried out us to good port.

Some hesitations on the place to take in the bed.

Around us it is effervescence, the large machine "communication" Renault deploys its impressive device. What a incredible Barnum!

A little undulation for the indications concerning Gordini. Finally one discharges, we are in the bed, in the beautiful medium of the circuit which one can see two of the baffles on both sides of the site which is allotted to us.

Discussions, indications and counters order for the demounting of the plates, it will be necessary to be accustomed to it, the authorities of the circuits and Histoire&collection is not over the same wavelength.

It is around midday and it is time, after the voyage, of going to lunch. We find a brewery in the close village.

With our great surprise, there is a scission major than one imagined between Wallons and Flemings.

Not a French indication or chart, all is in Dutch here. And this midday they are not in a hurry! We will owe bruler to finish our dish in order to be per hour for the briefing of the IGR.

Everyone seems a little tended, people of Renault Histoire&Collection wonder on which rowdy characters they fell.

The direction of race does not want a problem with these disorders festivals which try to form part of their sporting meeting regulated into the minute near and us, we have at the head the questions put higher.

The question of the goings beyond returns quickly, yes will have us the right to double us but it will be necessary to await the deployment of the blue flags...

Good, is necessary to see... First formality, the call, it has there in only 10 competitors.

Renault H&C is far from its objective of 25 cars, one would have predicted it with this payment....

Still surprised, there is only of the French! >> G-forum Jukka respond > Yes that is true but why?? Because we din´t have any clue or info for this happening. Nex year I , Steven from Englan?? Bob from Australia???

The competitors are: Bernard BOILAIVE, Pierre-Yves BOURHIS, Joel FOUQUER, Joel GRANGERET, Michel MALHERBE, Jean OLIVIER, Louis ORHANT, Florent PROVOST, Gilbert COWHERD and myself.

Moreover there will be 2 cars of Renault H&C entrusted Alain Serpaggi and to Michel Leclère, not badly. Drawing of lots of the numbers, an anonymous hand... everyone hopes well on the 8!

For me they will be finally the 12. Then the distribution comes from the equipment, suspense... Superb Sabelt blue combination with white bands, embroidered history and traditional collection TEAM, of the same shoes and gloves marks matched, and open helmet gray metal

The smiles on the faces give pleasure to see. Miss nothing any more but the stickers

It will be necessary a good part for us of after midday to pose them with care and application.

On the "12" we choose to improve the official provision, it is well better like that.

Decorated the markings Gordini Trophy and the headlights protected by an orange adhesive history to recognize it on the photographs, the car it is suddenly moulted in the racing racing car. Bed IGR gives pleasure to see!s.

We settle then for the night, the camp-site is in the medium of the circuit, under the pines.

The sun of the day misleads our vigilance, under the tent, we will be cold all the night...

An end of straight line or one must take 140 km/h and a rather tight baffle gauche/droite which it is necessary well to leave because it gives on a small hillock.

One places oneself on the right in the rise, without visibility for a fast left which leads to the braking of the second baffle, droite/gauche.

It should be sacrificed well to be in the fast right which enchaine directly, beginning of the S of the forest, with the second part of the right and a fast left in light top.

Small right end for the braking of a line tightened in second with light pif/paf which conditions a new right end leading to the last baffle.

A little faster than the two others, it is necessary well to leave there because it opens on the starting straight line. Rather not badly for Gorde finally. The brakes are very requested. One awaits the first sleeve impatiently.

Time to be restored with the hospitality Renault Sport, where the cerberus with the entry is nice but not convenient, and one moves towards the cars.

Not without crossing Pom-pom girls.

A little nervousness on the two sides (Renault H&C and pilots) before the departure although there are no stakes.

The program envisaged, 20 minutes of track. Two turns of formation, slow, a rapid, then stop on the starting line and staggered start of the cars.

One continuous to discover the track during the turns of formations. Ridiculous departure, the choke beckons with the first car to leave, then it waits until it passed the line on its level to make leave the following one.

Result, the cars which leave at the end of the grid (one leaves in the order the numbers) leave with an increasingly large variation with the others!

Good, it is not serious one learns. Application. For me it is all the same the first time in wheels of 15' on track. Ca derives, that pitches with braking... a fear in my spirit, to block the car of through on a vibrator or in a vat and to find themselves on the doors.

But all occurs well. And whereas one hardly returns in the rate/rhythm, one is with the third turn only launched, it is already the flag with checkerwork!

Ouhlà, in end of straight line, in the left, smoke, yellow Gorde in reverse gear in the package. Odd, it was however the only one in rims of 13'!

Everyone passes without concern. Ca starts to advance, the car goes really well, I reassemble some cars, it would be necessary to still slow down more extremely, but my natural prudence makes me keep a comfortable margin.

And then that smells the plates already extremely!

I hold will pass Joel, he must have a concern, it is not possible to have it so easily.

In fact, it is in delicacy with its brakes, the liquid boils and it will change color!

Good, I did not catch up with the cars of Serpaggi and Leclère, but the engine which mounted me Michel functions obviously very well and allowed me to be found in top of the group. Ca nevertheless counts for butter, but that given pleasure.

Return to the bed, the faces are red but the broad smiles, with Joel share which could not batter.

Pour le trophée, Christophe Bouchet. Salute.

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This is translate from original text from Thropee Gordini site. Go and see moore pictures!!

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  • Ps:I have had ones a pleasure to meet Joel and his son, at La Chatre in 2000. Joel has start to drive Gordini from early 1960...?

    And in La Chatre, he really fly with his 1100 Gordini! And so did his son too! I send regards both. Jukka