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2007 Jukka Suvisalmi (copy). All rights reserved.
Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

Finale de Historic Renault 8 Gordini cup in Loheac 6-7.10.2007 / France

When I saw information from Gordins cup finale in Loheac, in Thropee Gordini site, I start to plan a trip to France

I saw the DOHC Gordini first time in Manoir Auto Museum in Loheac and, I just love it. Now I have my self, the DOHC Gordini motor in MY G, so....to Loheac!

I askt Asko Mansikka-aho, with me on the trip and he say ok.

We got a good info from Patric "Bis" and Renault Histoire & Collection from Philippe COUSSEAU to our trip. Thanks again!

SPECIAL THANKS TO "Bis" and his fantastic friends!

Loheac story by Jacky, the member of "G-Gang", in Auto magazine at Belgium.Automag magazine from Belgium http://www.automag.be/spip.php?article709

Moore story are coming soon but now few pictures!! Thanks to all French Gordini people, for making our trip so FANTASTIC!

18.01.2008 New pictures ! ! Jean Ragnotti signature is now in my Gordini dashboard!!DOHC Gordini from Finland, interest even Ragnotti. Here are few photos. See and enjoy!
Few part's for sale!!
There were a few Factory rally and race cars on the pitlane!
Every Renault people, knew this very famous and victory Renault driver!! Jean Ragnotti!!
FIRST 1135 model Gordini, that factory has ever made!! Think! This is really, the first 1135 G!!And what a fine condition it is! Just like the owners!! Regards to you!