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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

Part 2 / Renault 8 Gordin cars in Historic Gordini cup at Loheac 6-7.10.2007 / France

Gordins cup finale in Loheac, France

It was amazing to see so many G on the track at one time!

So were the Factory cars too. Ragnott “360 degrees” is a legend, like him self. So is Vinatier!!!

SPECIAL THANKS TO "Bis" and his fantastic friends!

Thanks to all French Gordini people, for making our trip so FANTASTIC!

Here are few photos. See and enjoy! Cup Gordinis!!
Cup Gordinis at the race!!
Then starts the Factory rally and race cars on the track!
Do we look lucky? Why in earth??? You should listen the sounds!! and see the "360" as many times as wee see so…
Part 3 is coming soon....Regards to all you.