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2007 Jukka Suvisalmi (copy). All rights reserved.
Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi, Jacky Wauthy

Part 3 / Renault 8 Gordin cars in Historic Gordini cup at Loheac 6-7.10.2007 / France

There were fantastic Gordins on the Loheac, 1:st ever made 1135, original condition race Gordini and so one

Here are some special Gordinis too. Proto Gordini no:3 from 1964!! With 4 lamps nose(1134)!! This is the one that were in magazine at 1964 and only proto, that is still a live!

Gordini, with right-hand steering from England!!

Renault 4 Rally, original condition (newer restore) Gordini Cup winner car from late 1960, Gordini from Belgium....

Proto Gordini no:3 from 1964!! With 4 lamps nose(1134)
Jean Vinatier, the very famous Gordini and Alpine rally driver from France, knew the engine that I had in my G. Vinatier send regards to Jorma Lusenius / Finland. Jorma was driving in same team as Jean Vinetier in Monte Carlo and some otrher rallies, with factory Alpine 110.
Gordini from Belgium from JACQUES "Jacky" WAUTHY and his lovely wife.
Fantastic looking Gordini! I thing that, this Gordini is one of the 10 beautiest, what I have seen!
Renault 4 Rally and beautyfull !! For sale!
White / Red Gordini, number 27 from Renault Gordini Cup. Ex Michel Leclere .Winner in Cup 1969! This G is in originall Cup condition and wery famous in France. Gordini has been in cover at ECHAPPEMENT magazine in 1969.
R 8 Gordini from England! With right-hand stearing!
Always comes the time that you must go home.....If I had been alone in this trip, I knew that I havent left at home in Sunday morning. I mide even still be there!! It was so nice time.Well, Asko knew that we must go so...From the navigator, you can see our total kilometers and driving time.