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Pictures and text: Jukka Suvisalmi

A new "MENS" trip to France and Retro Mobile (2007 16-25.02). We visit again in many fine AUTO museums like Manoir De Lčautomobile at last year. We are visiting in Reims Musee Automobiles, Compiégne Musee, Espace Automobiles Matra and so one!! Just take a flight from Ryanair to Frankfurt. Rent a car and drive to France. We visit at museums and are in France, a few days!! So we do!! We take a many pictures and you can see some in my G-forum site but hey, BE THERE! See you there, my French Gordini and Alpine friends!! Go and visit in Retro Mobile home site from here.
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  • Manoir-automobile

    It`s realy every mens (and womens) dream plase if? you like fast cars!

    In Lochčac at the little village near Rennes locates just amazing Auto Museum, Manoir De Lčautomobile.

    With the lead of Michel Hommells (Collector and ex race driver) it has become one of the biggest sport and race cars museums in Europe. There are over 400!(think) sports, race, rally and other cars.

    19 Formula-1 cars, ready to start! Over 10 different Alpines and so one.... Group B-Rally cars (Ex.Alen/Kivimäki /Lancia) and the reason why I went there, the Renault 1500 8 Gordini with dohc motor!

    There are many events in every summer like, Rally cross races, Club meetings, collector days and so one. If you are planning to visit in France You must go and visit in the Manoir De Automuseum! It is worth of it I guarantee. Say hello from G-forum when you go there. I'm going to visit there again, that's for sure!

    With me there where same two friends as 2003 France trip was, Harry Lindh and Heimo Herrala. The three Blue minde from FINLAND.

    See these few photos and remember, over 400 cars and many other, race motorcycles, boats and ..... Bonjour!

    For more information, visit the website at www.manoir-automobile.fr.