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Pictures and text: Jukka Suvisalmi /Vesa Lamminsivu

A NEW TRIP 2007.28.03-01.04 "trip" from Saariselkä / Finland to Arctic Ocean / Norway driving with Snowmobile (1300km?/4 days)

Pictures later, my Gordini and Alpine mates. See you later !!!

A "trip" from Saariselkä / Finland to Arctic Ocean / Norway, 23 - 25.03.2006, driving with Snowmobile (760km/3 days)

Me and my friends Marko Mattila and Jari "Fast" Tiainen, we have spoken many years at driving from a Saariselkä (Ivalo) to a Norway with snowmobiles
Now at last we have done it! Marko asked his friend Vesa Lamminsivu to come with us and of course he came.

The company Plastiroll, where I'm working, we have a cottage in Saariselkä ( Ivalo). There are two snowmobiles Yamaha 1100 Warrior and 700 MountainMax (Jari "Fast" just drove that into a big stone.)

Well "Fast" Jari is the owner of the Neste gas-station in Saariselkä. He rents snowmobiles there too, so we all were driving with new Yamaha (1100 RX-1 or Warrior with 150hp)
At start we were planning to drive from Saariselkä to Karigasniemi and then to the Norge. From Norway we were planning to drive from the Kautokeino, Enontekiö to the Kittilä. From Kittilä (Levi) to the Saariselkä.

On 23.03 at 11.00 we started from Neste Saariselkä to Karigasniemi (250km). We all like to drive fast so we were in Krigasniemi at 18.00. There was very much snow at the forest and if you drove off the rote, your snowmobile just dive in the snow and stopped there. We all did it few times. I can tell it is a very hot thing to dig a snowmobile from the deep snow! I dove three times.

The rote that we really did drive. (Not the first planning)

Here we are planning the trip and the route in Plastirolls cottage. Vesa, Marko and "Fast" Jari

Here are Marko , me and "Fast" Jari

At Neste Saariselkä" Fast" Jari, Vesa, me and Marko with snowmobiles (Yamaha 1100)

Photos from the trip to Karigasniemi

Cottage in the middle of nothing. It is hunters cottage

First bear at the trip in Karigasniemi. First night we were in the local inn.

After a very good breakfast and a new plan, we drive to Norge and along tenoriver to the Nuorgam (Top of Finland).

All snowmobil drivers dream is to drive and see the Arctic Ocean. So that`s our new plan and route. The Artic Ocean, we are coming!

There was so good looking views, hills and all. Just look at the photos and enjoy


Driving at river Teno was dangerous because we were the first snowmobiles on the river in a long time. There wasn't snowmobile rote at all.

Water level at the river has dropped down so the ice was very weak and many times we must drive on the land. Cool or what?

Vesa really like to drive on week ice or even in water.

In Utsjoki we went to a local cafe` and then we by gasoline too. Next stop is in Nuorgam at local inn.

"Hey did I jump too high, or what happened?"

From Nuorgam to the Arctic Ocean there was around 100km left with fantastic views and mountains!

Then we are at the Arctic Ocean! Lets Go!

A Beers at Norway in the local restaurant. Half of the trip was done. Arctic Ocean has been seen and now we drove back to Nuorgam.

At Nuorgam we were in SAUNA, we eat a very good meal and take a few beers. We had a little cottage where we fall asleep and I mean FELL.

After a very good breakfast (again) , we start to drive at Sevettijärvi. In Sevettijärvi the Police stopped us and so one. But look at the photos. (ps 2976km to Paris from Nuorgam.)

The Laplanders hut? No, this is a place where anybody can take a rest and maybe cook some food in the trip.

"The Arctic Snow Eagel "

"The Arctic Snow Police "

There are just the same rules at snowmobile that the cars in the road. No drunk driving (of course not). The speed limit for snowmobile is 60km/h in forest and 80km/h at the lakes (jee jee). I have "seen" that somebody was driving over 180km/h on Ice with Yamaha 1100 (but hey Police, I didn't know him)

From Sevettijärvi we drive to the city called Inari. From Inari we drive, along ice, to Ivalo 100km!! Yes 100 km straight along to the Ice. 80km/h 100km jee jee but not me. Just FLAT OUT.

Afther the idiot but fast icedriving section we got to Ivalo.80km to Saariselkä but hey, forest again, jippii!

We found one of "Fast" Jaris rented snowmobile from the route! As you can see, the tree has jumped just to the route and front of to the snowmobile! crash!