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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

G-forum.net had own stand at second time ever in exhibition!! Made for these...?? WHAT.. ??

2:nd Classic Motor Show 2009 in Lahti / Finland

G-Forum.net had own stand at second time ever in exhibition!!

Our stand name were "Monte-Carlo Rally 1952 and 1969 with Renault"

There were a big suprise in the air and some things to see. Some ideas from our MC trip in 2009??

Big thanks to our sponsors?? Pepe Flink, Matti Vinha Mobilia, Mansen Maniospalvelut Lielahti and MY FAMILY!!Thank you!!

"Renault 4 cv 1952 and Alpine 110 J.Lusenius/S.Halme Monte-Carlo Rally in 1969"

The idea for the stand was "Monte-Carlo Rally"

From here we start, Pepe, Pekka and I + with big big imagination!! I mean huge imagination!!!!

This is special stages "hearspinn" in Monte Carlo rally. RENAULT 4cv in 1952 (my new toy).

Renault 4cv drivers has nylon shirt and tie, no helmets, no safety belts, they just driving fast!!

Front wheel is on fly and Renault is going smoothly in to the hear spinn.

This is Alpine 110 in 1969 Monte-Carlo.

J.Luseniu/S.Halme is driving on 1969 Monte-Carlo.

They have racedrivesuits, helmets and all and they drive very fast to Col De Turini with ALPINE 110.

They are driving little sideways as you can see on the tyre marks on "tarmac"..wheeeeee baba ba baaaaaaa....!

This is our office. Pekka is sending e-mail to Club Monte Carlo! Yes he realy is!

Our seacret plan is drive 2010 Monte-Carlo Historic but, DO NOT TELL ANYBODY!!

Some young visitors with same passion that we have.(we hope!!).....Blue (White) is so beautiful...

Have you seen these two "old" people (photo below.??) We do not have any clue who they are! They just walk in our office??

They try to look like some professionall rally drivers...They even go in to Eeros Gordini!! Thing that!

Why in the car and the other man helmet is reading "Jorma Lusenius and Seppo Halme"??? Why Eero is speaking with them? What is happening here??

Hey, that man, he realy is Jorma Lusenius!! and check out that look, "Eyes like the Tiger"

Ok , I like to come too on the same photo..with these legends!

Hey where did they go? On rally?? Lets see..

I see some other cars too and some old rally drivers like Simo Lampinen, Tutu Sholberg, Eeva Heinonen, Atso Aho, Hannu Mikkola and so one...

They drive very, very slowly like old people usualy are (in daytime traffic) This is ment to be some kind of demonstrations for early and fast days...as you can se from the photos. Very, very slowly in deed...??

In the show, there were other cars too like.....

Regards to all and thanks Jukka

See us in Monte-Carlo 2010 if all goes wery vell like we hope.