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Pictures and text: Jukka Suvisalmi

COLOMBO specialist of Alpine and Gordini restoring and race parts

We found the Colombo at our "MENS" trip at France so this is the part 2 at our story!

Speak English is reading at Colombo's advertisement. This is a very important point to English speaking people.

Jaques Colompo is the owner and Renč Guenegan is the director of Colombo. Rene has started to chance the Colompo on modern time, fantastic catalogue, www pages, e-mail orders and a very important mater , English speaking people!

I was visiting at Colombos section in Retro Mobile and we have a long and interesting discussion from ordering and delivering parts, on English. Yann and Renč said that Colombo is answering on 48 hours to all e-mails even English writings!

Yann Guenegan and David Grosse are those English speaking people. The other people at the office can too but Yann and David are experts.

Yann is standing here at behind the "G" motor

Yann said ”When we get an e-mail request, we send a notice back "Your e-mail has arrive at Colombo" so people knew. Aft her that we are looking requested parts and information. When we have all information with prices, we answer to the customer". This is a very good reform at the current time to us, the customers I said.

Colombo had many parts to Alpine and Gordini. New catalogue with colorphotos but no prices at all. "Why you haven't print prices to your catalogue?" I asked. "We answer on requests with information of parts and prises. Our quality of products is very very high and with that we are compeering, not with prises." says Yann and Renč.

In Retro they had a very big and fine section. There were a lot of people all the time. MR.Colombo, Renč, Yann and all the rest of Colombos people were discussing and serving people whole time.

"Colombo takes care all customers, new and old. We answer to all requests French and English (no Finnish?) We have many parts in stock and much more is coming. So just send your request of parts or a catalogue and let us assure you! says Yann.

No guys, send a request to their e-mail or call to Colombo when you need some parts or if you like to get their catalogue (and say hello from me. Jukka Suvisalmi / www.g-forum.net). Let them assure us. It is always nice to get some competition to Alpine and Gordini parts sellers.

For more information, visit the website at www.colombo-france.fr.