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2009 Jukka Suvisalmi. All rights reserved.
Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

Classic Sportscars Concours d'Eleganse Finland 13-14.06.2009

Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, MB, Lamporgini, MG, Rolls Royce...and Renault.

In place call Harjattula, near by Turku, was 2009 years Concours d'Eleganse.

Wether was no so sunny like normaly there has been but still cars look so avesome!

Spirit were fantastic, nice Jazz music but, there were so very gold! Brrr..."normaly in Fin..."

I polish my RENAULT 5 TURBO 2 from inside, motor, outside. I drop the "nose" 30mm.
Dammit, It just look so mean, fast, My eyes.

So did all other people !! See these photos. No sports cars in Finland??

So many Ferrari (15..) Porsche (10) Corvette (11..) and so one. Like candy store!
Ex Jarno Saarinen TT bikes!! Fantastic to see these beauties! And Jazz music...

And then comes a big suprise to ME!!

There was two prize category "Best Coupe" and "Best convertible"
My RENAULT 5 TURBO 2 won 1:st priZe in class "Best Coupe". Dino (Ferrari) was 2:nd and De Tommaso Pantera 3:rd.

My R 5 T!! I am so ...surprised, happy and ....everything!! Thank's all so to John and Steve to John Price Rallying, England!
Link >> John Price Rallying

Best Car in the show and 1:st in "Best convertible" was MB Conv. 1952 !

Thanks to all you judges for choosing my RENAULT 5 TURBO 2!! BIG THANKS !