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After a very long time I take all static's from my G-Forum.net site 29.09.2010. Jee..I am so subrise, happy and proud!! This little site (from FINLAND) that based for a little French car's, (but so fast and with a fantastic history in the sports cars world) has so many visitors in all over the world.

I salute you all and I THANK you!

In this picture you can see visitor from one day 29.09.2010, from different country's!

Here you can see contry's from 500 diffeent visitors!

Thanks to all you my lovely VISITORS!! It is nice to work with you all, make a stories, reports and photos because, YOU VISIT in my site!!

Thanks also those fantastic web-sites who put my web page in their links! I hope I have all your address in my site!

I am so proud for all those photos that you have send me.... just send more! Those text that you have written to me.... written more.

Please do not take any pressure for your "English", even I don't take. My English is what it is and still I knew you understand!!

Still I hope that you send some hints to me for to upgrade this site!! Maybe some new ideas or some new ...something. Just e-mail to me your ideas thanks

See you sometime, somewhere but I hope that definitely in this site.

Jukka Suvisalmi "G-Gang" member from Finland 2008

NEW RECORD in 2006 !

NEW RECORD in September, (09.2006)!! (1264) 1614 unique visitors, (1833) 2411 overall, (4443) 5705 loaded pages and from (39) 42 different countries in my G-forum site, THANKS TO ALL YOU VISITORS!!

Finland 1252, Net 642, Unknown 567, Com 417, France 411, Japan 357, Mexico 129, Czech Republic 83, Norway 79, Sweden 78, Australia 72, Romania 49, Belgium 35, Portugal 34, Switzerland 33, Netherlands 29, Poland 18, Germany 18, New Zealand 18, Polynesia (French) 17, United Kingdom 16, Spain 14, Brazil 7, Greece 7, Hungary 7, Slovak Republic 6, South Africa 6, Canada 6, India 5, Croatia 2, Morocco 4, Austria 4, Argentina 4, Italy 3, Ireland 2, Peru 2, Turkey 2, Malaysia 2, Russian Federation 1, Denmark 1, Israel 1, Estonia 1, Tuvalu 1, Guatemala 1, Yugoslavia 1

Please save the right address in you computer, http://www.g-forum.net

Thanks to all you visitors. I really mean it.

Please send few photos from you Gordini or Alpine. If you have any project photos at you car, send it to me by e-mail too. Write a story and I save them in my site.

Happy driving to you all and have the "blue mined" all the time

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