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Pictures and text: Jukka Suvisalmi

A new "MENS" trip to France and Retro Mobile 2007 16-25.02. We visit in many fine AUTO museums.

1. Mulhouse-Collection-Schumpf. There are so meny fantastic cars, over 500!! There are Bugatti, Gordini, Alpine, Ferrari, Hispano, Rolls Royce...

Have you seen a car motor from year 1940, with can take 12000rpm!! Motor is only 355cm and sounds like 1100cm Motor Bike! We have!! Just avesome!!

Have you seen a road legal cars(no race car), that can go over 220-250km/h from year 1925-1955? We have seen and MENY!! Think realy, over 220km/h in year 1925!

Have you seen a car, witch front fender is around 7 meters long, 12763cm engine with 250hp in 1700rpm! Over 2000kg weight and still can go 180km/h

Have you seen over 100 Bugatti at one place, and all diffrent modells? We have now. Go to visit at Mulhouse-Collection-Schumpf, 68051 Mullhouse Cedex. Then you can understand, what a fantastic cars and motors we have just seen!

Here some pictures from the museum but jus some..... Go there!

It`s realy every mens dream plase, if you like fast cars!

Automobil museum Mulhausen


Musee de Peugeot Automobil museum Peugeot, Sochaux