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Pictures and text: Jukka Suvisalmi

Part 2!! A new "MENS" trip to France and Retro Mobile 2007 16-25.02. We visit in many fine AUTO museums.

Meca Parts and Patric Merlin.

MP is not a museum but, we visit there every time when we are in France.

Here are some pictures from MP parts. Go and visit in MP net sites. They have many new parts like, roll gages to Gordini, aloy wheels...

Fantastic race block, pistons and sleeves to Alpine 1600 > 1800 "Mignotet" copy! And a very good quality, off course.

Patrick has some expand ideas for future. All is ok for us, Gordini and Alpine users! New parts, fast delivery and a good quality.

When you order parts from MP, say hello from G-forum.net. And some day, visit there.

Link to Meca Parts net site

Meca Parts for Gordini and Alpine


1. Here are Seppo "Hestec" Harinen, Patrick, me and Hate. 2. Patricks "right hand" the English spoken salesman, Jérôme.
Retro Mobile 2007 Paris.

1. A few of my dreams, Audi Quattro Gr:B and Ferrari Daytona 250

COLOMBO / Alpine and Gordini parts.

Link to Colombo net site
Parts for Gordini and Alpine
They are still rebuilding their net site.