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Pictures and text: Jukka Suvisalmi

A new trip to France with my family in 07/2007

We see a Gordini on the road, coming from Renault 8 Gordini meeting!

We visit in many fine places like Eifel, Champ Elysee?, Meca Parts and so one.

The weather were sunny and so was all people in France.

It is all ways so nice to visit in France! We plan to rent a house from France 2008 and stay there at least two to three weeks. So if somebody has some information, please e-mail to me

jukka.suvisalmi@kolumbus.fi is my e-mail, thanks.

We fly to Germany Frankfurt/Hahn with ryan-air. We visit at Mosel valley for two days. Jee it is a beautiful please! Then we drive to France and Bourges. We visit at Meca Parts

I have a pleasant to meet Patrick son,Thibaut and off course JÚrome. Their have a plenty new space in their shop. Few weeks and it are ready?

Meca Parts have many new parts to Renault Sports cars. New clutchs, new silent blocs and so one. Go and visit at their homepage Meca Parts

We saw one Gordini at the motorway! Next gas-station, I went to spoke with the owners and his lovely family. Regards to you all!! Remember to send a story from your rallies!

Pictures from that Gordini and people are here off course.

Here some pictures from the trip.

Meca Parts

Renault 8 Gordini Rally