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© 2004 Jukka Suvisalmi (copy). All rights reserved.
Story & pictures: Tapio Piittari and Jukka Suvisalmi

We take this a gain 2005 19-20.03 so come on lets drive on ice again!!

Call to Mika Kallionkoski he is organised it. 0400/663496.

Winter cottage in FINLAND Härmä. No electricity at all but still Formula one race was seen on TV?...Macig word was agrigate !

Mika Kalliokoski from Härmä organized Ice track happening 2004. Track was 2km long and very FAST!" Sorry Mika but I just find these fantastic photos! Better now than never, I hope?

On Ice Track in Härmä was next G-forum people Tapio Piittari with Renault 8 Gordini, Eero Aho R 8 Gordini, and Mika Kalliokoski Turbo Renault 8.