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© 2005 Jukka Suvisalmi (copy). All rights reserved.
Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi and Henkka Mäkinen

The sun was shining and weather was -10 degree on 19.03.05

We had a ICE-RACE at Härmä with R 8 Gordini`s

Mika Kalliokoski from Härmä organized Ice track happening 2005. Track was 2km long and very FAST!"

Big thanks to Mika Kalliokoski for the track but also big thanks to all those drivers! We really were driving like a madman, yeah! And it was fun, I mean really FUN!

In the evening we but Gordinis on trailers and start to driving to our lodging. It was an old farmhouse in middle of the forest, in the middle of nothing! Just right place to us (It was first class happening, no women at all, sorry ladies). A housekeeper has made delicious dinner to us and of course has warm up the sauna! We eat and dr... a lot and then we go to the sauna. (FINLAND) What were happening at the end of the evening? I thing we must ask at the taxi driver (sorry) or the Härmäs local pub called ISO ANTTI. (Not so big any more?) But seriously it was so funny weekend that we are coming next year a gain. Shake Härmä shake.

We really like to have some foreign visitors at our Gordini happening, so if somebody/some one is interested to come, (ladies as well) please send some E-mail to me.

But now the photo! Enjoy foke`s.

Petri Koski and his jumping R 8 G on ice. It's wheeling!!

On Ice Track in Härmä was next G-forum people Tapio Piittari with R 8 G, Eero Aho R 8 G, Mika Kalliokoski Turbo R 8 and R 8 G, Petri Koski R 8 G, Simo Grönfors R 8 G, Tapani Hevonkoski R 8 G, Henkka Mäkinen Dauph G and me with VIB-12 R 8 G.

There was some other people too but I don't remember names, sorry.

Normally we have driven fast but safely. Now we just drive FAST, we drive race a gains each other. Lakily nobody didn't crash jus driving on the snow wall. We have made a film of that grazy weekend so if somebody is interested of the film, I can sell some. Just send E-mail to me, I send information's to you.

Too much power (Alpine Turbo) and too much grip (x-glas tyres) BANG says Gordinis drive shaft, shi..!

More photos are coming real soon! Photos of FAST driving with Gordini side by side Jukka Suvisalmi