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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

GORDINISTE magazine / France

GORDINI lehdessä on juttu meidän ratapäivistä Suomessa. Minä kirjoitin, Patrick käänsi ja Gordiniste julkaisi!! Tilaa lehti, ohjeet sivun lopussa. Nyt 52 sivua!!!

In GORDINISTE magazine, there is a story from Track-day in FINLAND!! I wrote it, Patrick translate and Gordiniste publish it!!

Now you can order GORDINISTE magazine too. All info at the end of this site just scroll....

Now it is possible to order Gordiniste magazine in other countryes too!!. Not only in France any moore. That´s good idea.

In old days, I get my magazines from Patrick Merlin, when I visit in Meca Parts.Now I can order Gordiniste to my home.

So lets order and maybe someday there is some stories from other counties Gordini too. Switcherland, Sout-Africa, USA, Finland and so one...

Here are some sampels from the older Gordiniste magazines....

Link to the GORDINISTE web site.

Here is the order document in to the GORDINISTE. Print it, FILL it and send to GORDINISTE by e-mail or by post..

Avaa kuva, kopioi se, täytä ja lähetä postissa, faxilla tai e-mailaa se eteenpäin. Lehti tulee postissa.

Regards to all Jukka