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2007 Jukka Suvisalmi (copy). All rights reserved.
Story & pictures: Mikko Nieminen, Jukka Suvisalmi, ??

Kemora Circuit/Veteli/ Renault Gordinis was on track 14.04.2007

At sunny day in 14.04 we start the Gordini summer season in Kemora. There were 10 drivers with Renault G, S and one fine Race Gordini in early 1970!!

This Race G is very famous in Finland. Eero Kerola from Kalajoki has made few Renault Race G like this in 1966-1973

With all them, many men has won a many races in Finland and Sweden too!

New owner promise to send many pictures in G-forum project site time to time! So let's see how the project is going!!

When we get on track, the sun was shining and some fine engine voices were in the air!! And SNOW beside the track!!

On the track, there was others with us like, race truck, motorbikes and so one... That was nice too.

A NEW VIDEO with 15" tyres in my Fast Gordini !

Fast Gordini video in Yuetube and in Renault-8 site was filmed here 2006. At that time I had 13" racing tyres in my G.

Now i film a new video!! with 15" original tyres in my FAST G !! One problem, the last 45 degree corner to the right,

my G goes too fast!! with these normal 15 Michelin tyres!!

I must take off some speed!! Onec I didn't take off and I all most crash my G!

Aft her that I change slicks in my G.

Aft her a few laps, the slicks take a good grip on the tarmac. Gordins run like in real race. With all gears on 8000rpm in clock, inside tyres on the air, side by side with the other "G". This is the men's life.

Sound of running "G", it is so fantastic!

I had video camera with me but... 90% of filming didn't work!! I'm sorry fokes, so much good video material didn't work at all.

"Driving with "G" is one of the best thing that man can do with his trousers on" Jukka.

But lets go to the photos.

Kemora Circuit in Veteli , Finland.
" What is this FAR stiker in Jukkas Gordini?? Tapio "Fast" Piittari wonder
Here is a famous Race Gordini in early 1970!! Fine peace at Gordini Racig history in Finland. Moore pictures and a story(when ovenre is writing it to me) in project site. Go and see!