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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi Ice-Track 14-15.02.2009 were in Alahärmä Finland
Kalliokoski brothers organized Ice Track event in Alahärmä for Saturday
There were many Gordinis on the track and sunny was shining like always, when Gordini`s is on the track.

At first we drive very mutch on the track. We take photos, time, some video and we DRIVE!!
Sun was shining and air was full of "wild blue duck" sounds.

We drive and we lift some people Gordinis away from the snow, and again we drive.....

I thing photos speak them self.... I hope you enjoy... Gentlemen and Jere !"START YOUR ENGINE" !!!

These 3 drivers, Aulis, Tapio and Eero were driving meny laps like in race untill...

Tapio past Aulis..and ..

..and Tapio drives somewhere??? here...Hello Tapio!! And who is here.... Patrik?? Hi Patrik ! 6 meters jump with Reno!!

We drive a while and then we go to drive with Go-carts in Power Park.
Then we go to our cottage to drive in SAUNA!! NO PHOTOS...
Do you knew what is Cheese burger in Alahärmä??
Well around 03.00 it is frozen sausages, butter, sausage slices and bred. All deep frozen and delivery by lockal taxi driver! Thanks MIKA!