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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

100 Years Birthday celebration!!! and Gordinis on Ice-Track 6.02.2009 in Alahärmä Finland
Kalliokoski brothers organized Ice Track event in Alahärmä, Big thanks to all!!
There were many Gordinis on the track and the sunny was shining..?? No no no It was raining SNOW like "cats and dogs" !!!

First we VISIT ON Kalliokoski garage. The we drive on the track. We take some photos and we DRIVE!!

We had a fantastic service group with us in this time! "The Kalliokoski ladies" group made good sausages some juicy and so one to us. Big thanks for that!

We drive and we lift some people Gordinis away from the snow and I mean DEEP on the snow!! Then we drive again.....

I thing photos speak them self.... I hope you enjoy... Gentlemen and Jere !"START YOUR ENGINE" !!!

Some snow on the way to our Ice-Track!! Look how beautiful is the forest!!

Heimo (Herrala) has come too on the track with his own race G. Long time no seeeee.....hups. Too long time maybe??.

Tapio, Aulis, Jukka ,Jere, Toni, Heimo, Markku,Esa, Vesa, Harri and .....Gordinis
and one BIG(blue)tractor with long and strenght rope!

Same corner different style...
In Part 2, you can see more photos from the ice and some special photos from our "100 year" cekebration party!! Not for children... See you mates!!