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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

PART 2!! 100 Years Birthday celebration!!! and PART 2!! Gordinis on Ice-Track 6.02.2009 in Alahärmä Finland
Kalliokoski brothers organized Ice Track event in Alahärmä, Big thanks to all!!
Partys going on...

That very big snowfall just stop but we didn't ...More speed and some actione too.

"The Kalliokoski ladies" group made still good sausages some juicy and so one to us. Big thanks for that!

We all knew, ladies' too, the stomach is the straight way to the mans heart!

I thing photos speak them self.... I hope you enjoy... Gentlemen and Jere !"START YOUR ENGINE" !!!

Now my dear visitor..SIT TIGHT it is SHOWTIME >> "LA GRUPPO" photos by G-forum gang FINLAND! !!!

3, 2, 1, GO!! !!!

Heimo (Herrala) has come too on the track with his own race G. Long time no seeeee.....hups. Too long time maybe??.

Heimo (Herrala) has come too on the track with his own race G. Long time no seeeee.....hups. Too long time maybe??.

Heimo (Herrala) have one set very old "super" Ice wheels. As you can see from the photos, Gordini just not go anymore on sideways!! It almost lift up for two wheels!! What a grip!!

Here some cars that were in this event. Nice looking G.s!!

Some more action on Ice...!!!
“100 years celebration” well in some papers read that Tapsa and I, our birthday year is 1960!! “No can be” we think..maybe in 1970 but never in 1960! Well still people like to celebration our “50 years” birthday, so what we can do? Well just go faster!!! and that's what we are going to do so WATCH OUT younger's!! Grand old mans are STILL passing you all kids! Wroommm…Tapio and Jukka.

Tapani Hevonkoski bought his Gordini on early 1970 and He still have it!! Tapani have driven many rallies with his G. Ones he had gashed it but still it is in running condition. That why G-gang people decided to order a Gordini “kuksa” to Tapio. These “Kuksa” have only a few people like Patrick “Bis” Poisliveau, Markku Kivijärvi and now Tapani. Markku Kivijärvi has made these with his father and every one is a unique peace. They are made from wood and reindeers bones! It is handmade in Lapland.

SAUNA (like "BIS" knew), some supper, some juice and so one..and to sleep at 05.15!
I am sure that some vido clips are coming very soon here too so lets vait a few day.
See you mates!!