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© 2006 Jukka Suvisalmi (copy). All rights reserved.
Story & pictures: Mikko Nieminen, Henkka Mäkinen, Jukka Suvisalmi, ??

Kemora Circuit/Veteli/ Renault Gordinis was on track 2.09.2006

When we get to the track it starts raining like cats and dogs! It was the first time that sunny was not shining in Gordini happening! Ok, Gordini is waterproof and so are the drivers so let's go!!! Wrrrooooom and it was so fantastic to drive with slick race tyres in wet track. Just like on Ice track in winter. Just fann!! Big time sideways!

Afther few laps the suny starts to shine and the track begames dry. Now the slicks take a good grip on the tarmac. Gordins run like in real race. With all gears on 7500rpm in clock, inside tyres on the air, side by side with the other "G". This is the mens life .

Sound of running "G", it is so fantastic!

"Driving with "G" is one of the best thing that man can do with his trousers on" Jukka.

But lets go to the photos and Thanks to Mika too, for the organisation.

First we have a Go-cart race in PowerPark Alahärmä, Finland.
Then we drive with Gordins in Kemora Circuit in Veteli, Finland.
Hey what are these mens doing? Scratch scratch.... Ok one of these two mens are thinking something but guesses whits one. The other is just scratching?? Bugs?
We allso visited in the Kalliokoski Brothers Racing Garage (KBRG!). In the garage there was soooo... many Gordins. Race and Rally..!!??!!?? Original "G" and "G" look! Moore photos at KBRG Gordins later. >