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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

One of our interest, Mountain bikes. Trip in Seitseminen National Park Trails in Kuru / Finland 2008

Jere, my oldest son and I, we start our trip for Mountain bike cycle to national park Seitseminen. There are very beautiful hills and forest trails to drive. It is not “recommended” but hey..so what!

Nice big hills and drops, narow wood "road" over the swamps and so one....This is extreme hobby this !

Now on the forest....
Camping in the middle of the forest!
On forest again.....
Oops Tapsa! Wrong page......


Trip takes a round 7 hours and 20 km and were very funny! I can recomend to all "Grazy" people ( Next time Patrick!!) !!

See you sometime and regards to all, Jere and Jukka