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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi, Mikko Nieminen

How to start DOHC engine in very gold weather (-15 to -25)
Warm it ! > Ok here is photos how to do it."Normal in Finland"
First you need to have a FIRE! Some special tools and plenty of time.

This was the way I warmed my DOHC engine, oil and spark plugs in Rovaniemi Ice-Track days
Gently and with out rush! Not too close and with time!
Then I start the engine and kept it running (1500 to 3000 rpm) until the water temperature was + 80 degrees. After that, in the Ice-Track!!

PART 2 !! > Ice-Track 15-16.02.2008 in Alahärmä, organised by Mika Kalliokoski
Here is part 2 with the subrise that I promis to you, good readers.
Jere Kalliokoski, 10 years old boy and his "little" toycars.

First a story and photos from year 2006 from Ice-Track day in ALAHÄRMÄ. Jere (8 years) and his friend Roni (4 years)!!

"These first photos are from the future Gordini drivers! Jere and Niko Kalliokoski. This is the secret of "Flying Finn". Education must start as soon as possible "

"As you can see even a little Gordini can go sideways and roll over. But the wonderful sound of these little cars and the passion of these little drivers....IT REALY WAS SOMETHING!! ps The difference between fathers and sons toy's was ???"

Jere Kalliokoski (with Roni) and his "toy cars" at 2006 in Ice-Track days!

Jere Kalliokoski (with Roni) and his "toy cars" at 2008 in Ice-Track days!

Look at that SMILE!!

Think when Jere (10 years) and his friends talk a bought their toy cars " I got a new toy car, Rally Escort from matchbox " says Jeres friend. " I have Renault 8 Gordini and Escort RS 2000" says Jere and continue "but mine are real rally cars!"
This discust is one of the thousand reasons (not very common!) why there is so many sucselfully race/rally drivers in the World from Finland.

Look for Escort bedals!! They are made specialy for Jere!

How did Jere drive??
Sidevays like we all did and very well! You must come next year with us in Alahärmä Ice-Track days so you can see!
It may be so that Nico is driving there too....Lets see..Yes and there is Roni (6 years) and growing fast too..

When we had in of for driving?? we start our trip to fine old farmhouse. There we had Sauna, good meal, many DVD from RENAULTS, and so one. See the pictures.

And the race continue all night long in living room, in SAUNA and so one...
Tapio and TAPIO send hello to Patrick "BIS"

As we wake up, there was good breakfast! Thanks for that. Some snow has rain and weather was fantastic
It was time to go home again. Thanks for all mates. See you in summer!

Ice-Track DVD, Ice-Track DVD , Ice-Track DVD >> We make (with expert!) an Ice-Track DVD from bougth our events together! We had 4 videocameras in our cars!!

If you like to buy one fo you self(20€+5€ post) it is possible. Send e-mail to me with your all informations!!

Thanks fokes to enjoy with us for these fantastic Ice-Track moments.See you in FINLAND 2009!! ! Gordinely Jukka "G-Gang"