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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi Ice-Track 25-26.01.2008 were in Rovaniemi (Lapland) Finland
Friday was disaster! Rovaniemen Urheilu Autoiljat promise to make a good Ice-Track for Friday morning but they didn't make it! Even in Friday morning they say that it is ok? CAN YOU BE LIVE IT!
One Gordini guy comes from Kajaani to Rovaniemi only for Friday for driving in Ice-Track. There wasn't Ice-Track at all. And the others 24 people were come for same reason!! So if you ever do some thing with Rovaniemen Urheilu Autoilijat, do not believe at all!! They just promise but that's no good enough!! We ALL are very, very disappointed for them!

People from Ranua (80km from Rovaniemi) make us happy and proimise and even make the Ice-Track for us at Saturday. THANK YOU!! See you next year!!
More story and photos on next weekend. Thanks to all you mates to be in 1 Ice-Track day 2008. Special thanks to Bis (Patrick) and Nathalie!! Go and visit in Patricks Gordini site. story from 1:st Ice-Track days in Finland.

Story from 1:st Ice-Track days 25-26.01.2008.

Thanks to all you mates that were in this event. Thanks all so to Club Renault de Finlande, Harry Lindh > Autokoulu Pirkka, Veli-Matti Mäkinen > ETRA Jämsä and Pertti "Pepe" Flinck for helping us with this Ice-Track event!!

Our French quests, Patrick and Nathalie Boisliveau, arrived in Tampere 22.01 in the evening. At first we went to our house (in my garage). Then we go to eat some supper in Näsinneula, Tampere. It is the highest tower in Scandinavian. There is a very good food and fantastic views to all over Tampere!!

New photos from Patrick >

NEW NEW!In night we visit in my very good friend garage! Harry "Hate" Lindh. Hate was cleaning his Autokoulu Pirkka Cars. Hate has number 1 R8 S in Finland!!

Next day we visit a several art gallery/museum NEW NEW!(1 garage!) and take a tour in Tampere> Pispala.

In the evening we take a trailer (Gordini DOHC in it) and my car. Then we start our first trip to meet Asko and Liisa Mansikka-Aho to Vimpeli (280km).
Asko and Liisa have a very nice cottage in Vimpeli. In that cottage Patrick and Nathalie were at the first time in (good) SAUNA!! Patrick seems to like it!(Nathalie all so!) In photo Patrick, Asko and I.

On Thursday we drive from Askos please to Alahärmä (80km) In Alahärmä we met few Gordini drivers. We load our Gordinis (8 one) in to the trucks. Big thanks to Kalliokoski brothers! In just that time, it start to "rain" snow. "Normal in Finland" I say to Patrick and Nathalie and we start our” little" trip to Rovaniemi(480km). Seriously it was a very bad weather to drive. There was so much snow in the air and the road. "Normally in Finland"

New photos from Patrick >

From the trip, I call to Rovaniemi Sportcarclub (Urheiluautoilijat) and askt if every think is ok. Do we have Ice-Track tomorrow? Jarmo Rastas say that "everything is ok". "There is a very heavy snow storm but, Ice-Track is ok tomorrow!!". We believe him and continue our trip, dreaming to drive with Gordini in Ice-Track at Rovaniemi, very next day!

Rovaniemi, Ounasvaaran Pirtit, Ounasvaaras cottage village at 20.00 a clock in Thursday evening. It was a very long trip by car in "Normal weather in Finland". As you can see there is a lot of snow! This was the first time that we got bad information from our Ice-track. At yet, there isn't any Ice-Tarck! Jarmo Rastas still promise that "At 12.00 a clock on Friday, Track is ready!! This is a promise." ??

Happy and STILL a LIVE!!

A very good breakfast in Friday morning at Ounasvaara center! Plenty of join was in our "G-gang". Very many happy people, waiting information from the Track. "Where is it and when it is ready?" was the biggest question in that breakfast. "Just wait, Jarmo is calling very soon" I was answering to all. Stupid me!

Story continue.... Jukka Part 2 from Ice-Track day in Rovaniemi.

And some "G-gang" freaks...??

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