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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

G-Forumn.net 1:st Ice-Track day part: 2

Friday 25.01 We thought that all Gordini and Alpine were driving on the Ice-Track! That was the originall plan.

At 8 a clock, we went to breakfast and take "some" call to our "friend" Jarmo Rastas.

"Yes Yes, we had have some difficulties but the Ice-Track is ready at 12.00" say Jarmo to me on phone. "Hey lets go to the track" I say to all." but nobody don't take any Gordini of from the truck or trailer, before we really see the track". I "all ready" had some "dark" thoughts! .

So we start our trucks and drive near by the place, where some fine man is coming to do Ice-Track for us???
Some snow has come to our Gordinis! Do not be worry, this is "NORMAL in FINLAND" as Patrick knews. "Patrick, come to see my DOHC Le Manse engine!" There is was when we start our trip to Lapland!!
From Kajaani > Rovaniemi > Kajaani, it takes 760km! All that for nothing!! There were newer any Ice-Track for us in Rovaniemi!!
Janne Peteri is all so, a "new" member in our team with his just rebuild R 8 Gordini (LSK-8). This Gordini actually belongs, in early 70, all ready to his family!!

Because of ROVANIEMI MOTORSPORT CLUB (Rovaniemen Urheiluautoilijat) we newer have any Ice-Track!!. They just promise and promise a few months before, and even in Friday morning. Newer done ANYTHING. We have some name for that kind of "man" in Finland and I thing so are in every countries... Let's not say that name. All those "man" who promises that Ice-Track in Rovaniemi, knows what we thought.
Some people go to see Arctic Rally and Bis, Nathalie, Tarja and I, we go to see the Arkticum museo in Rovaniemi. As you can see Patrick bite Polar Bear from the ear!!
Some more subrice to Patrick in the evening / night. We all (men, sorry Nathalie) relax a little in sauna and in Finish style. "Normal in Finland" Patrick knews now!. We take a little bright Gordini "Oil" called TAPIO and eat some sausage.
More story and photos on next weekend. Thanks to all you mates to be in 1 G-forum.net Ice-Track day 2008. Special thanks to Bis (Patrick) and Nathalie!! Go and visit in Patricks Gordini site.

r8gordini.com story from G-forum.net 1:st Ice-Track days in Finland.

Happy end is coming in next part of this story. Thanks to people from RANUA!!!