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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

PART 3 ! > Ice-Track 25-26.01.2008 were in Rovaniemi (Lapland) Finland
On Saturday we drive to Ranua. The people from Ranua promise to make Ice-Tract to us.
Ranua is 80km from Rovaniemi but it definitely be worth for every kilometres, there was Ice-Track for us!!

People from Ranua make us very happy. They proimise and even make the Ice-Track for us on Saturday. THANK YOU!!
Thanks to all you mates to be in 1 Ice-Track day 2008. Special thanks to Bis (Patrick) and Nathalie!! Go and visit in Patricks Gordini site. story from 1:st Ice-Track days in Finland.

Thanks all so to Club Renault de Finlande, Harry Lindh > Autokoulu Pirkka, Veli-Matti Mäkinen > ETRA Jämsä and Pertti "Pepe" Flinck for helping us with this Ice-Track event!!
Have you ever seen when young horses get at the first time in to the field? That was the view when all Gordinis and Alpine gets to the Ice-Track!

1 Ice-Track 2008. Gentlemen: Start your engine an GO!/B>

3km long Ice-Track at last!! It was really celebrity to all us!! You can be live we were driving and driving!!

The biggest and the best old cars magazine in Finland, called MOBILISTI, was with us in Ranua. They made a story from Markku Kivijärvis Renault 12 Gordini so see next Mobilisti!
12 G is Ex.Pentti Airikkala's car and belong to Oy Autorex AB rally team in early 1970.

As you knew? In Lapland there is no many hours daylight so "Darkness was landing "

In the evening we had a celebration in Hotel Pohjanhovi in Rovaniemi. reward few persons with different kind of prizes.

Young future Gordini people "Team Kalliokoski" Jere, Nico and Roni!

1:st "G-look" car made from glass goes to "BIS" Patrick and Nathalie from a long trip and fantastic spirit of adventure(Sauna, Sauna, swimming, drinking Tapio and so one..)

2:nd "G-look" car goes to "Team Kalliokoski " little older boys for driving the truck's from Alahärmä to Rovaniemi, 8 Gordinis on the truck!

3: rd "G-look" car goes to Markku Kivijärvi for organized the ICE-TRACK to us in Ranua.

It all ways comes to time to say good bay, in our happenings. So comes here too. Good Buy and have a nice trip back home Bis, Nathalie and Tarja. See you soon!! "

As you lovely readers can see, all Gordinis are in good shape and not full of snow any more!! They are redy to run in our next Ice-Track event. "

I hope to see more visitor in next year (2009) 2:nd Ice-Track event !! See you mates! Jukka (member of "G-GANG") "