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© 2009 Jukka Suvisalmi. All rights reserved.
Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi, Pepe Flink, Patrick Boisliveau, Tapio Piittari

PART 1 ! > 2:nd Ice-Track 23-24.01.2009 were in Ranua (Lapland) Finland

On Thursday evening we drive to Ranua for all over from Finland and some grazy man from France!!

There were a lot off speed and many other things for our gang.....

SE-Mäkinen Logistik, Autokoulu Pirkka, Renault Club de Finlande and Pertti "Pepe" Flink Sponsor our event.

THAKYOU very much !!

Thanks to all you mates to be in 2:nd Ice-Track day 2009. Special thanks to Bis (Patrick)

Go and visit in Patricks Gordini site. story from 2:st Ice-Track days in Finland.

2:nd Ice-Track 2009. Gentlemen: Start Your Engine an GO!>

In France the Grazy man is starting his trip... We ( gang) admire you "Bis">

I did some perparation here to my DOHC. Warm water to my DOHC 2008 it was so gold with out it!
I knew, so did everyone, Tapio new gearbox, Vesa new engine, Mika more power, Markku new Michelin tires and so one..

Patrick arrive with Finnlines ferry Finstar. Thanks to the capitain, he takes very good care from "BIS"

We visit at my good friend Seppo Harinen Special Tuning in Valkeakoski.

From Tampere we drive to Vimpeli and visit at Asko Mansikka-Aho`s gottage and Sauna too!!

Pertti "PEPE" Flinck comes with us too. Pepe is my longtime friend from my early Rally years....

Asko was with me in Loheac 2007 and he is member of "G-Gang"......!!

From Sauna we go to swim on the snow..Me and some one else...Jee it was funny and helfty!!

At the same time we visit some fine garages but, it is not aloud to publisc any photos from there so...

One Garage were MAT = Kari Mäkelä Tuning. Kari is very famous car collector and rebiulder.

Big thans to Kari for his time to us and for Patrick!!

Karis collection( some of it) and some history engines like Sumbeam IMP 1000 TURBO!! "

From Karis garage (factory!!) we start our trip to Ranua. In Ranua we see some FANTASTIC THING.. "

A BIG BIG BIG THANK´S to Iiro Mäkinen and SE-Mäkinen Logistik company for coopearting with us!! "

More photos and more story is coming in Part 2. Go and see all so Patricks net site !! "

See you soon. With regards, Jukka. "