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Story & pictures: Mikko Nieminen

Icetrackdays 23. - 26.1.2014 in Ranua Finland and some rally at the same time in Rovaniemi, so plenty of SPEEEED...

We have had quite bad winter in Finland this snow, no ice almost at all, but we lucky guys have our Northern Finland (called Lappi) and Ranua of course.
There is always snow and ice in january. So if it depends on weather we have 99% guarantee that we can drive on ice in winter time with our fast Gordinis :).

First Ice-Track were in Markku Kivijärvi private lake.

There we have a fantastik track, good atmosphere, fire for grill the sausages and everything. Big thanks for Kivijärvi Family!!

On friday we drove in Kivijärvi lake, track was made by our club member Markku Kivijärvi. Track was approximately 1,5 km long with slow and fast curves. !!

This year there were not so big snowbanks, but it wasn't problem for our drivers

We had six Gordinis (overall about 12-14 cars) and about 30 people with us. So there is no need say that we had a lot's of fun, driving, discussing, old pictures, videos, Finnish Sauna of course and definitely very good tasting saunteed reindeer (poronkäristys in Finnish) also. Trophy's and suprices too :)

On saturday we drove in Kaitajärvi. There we had longer (2,5 km) and faster track made by village society. Both track were so awesome that is very hard to verbalize it as well as driving on ice track. Conditions weren't so cold this year, it was "only" 7-15 degrees minus and as already said there wasn't that much snow on ice.
If we don't take into account "normal" and small techical problems, all the Gordinis remained in 100% condition (no Gordini's broken) and we drove a LOT and very very fast.
Of course we know that we are driving with OLD Gordinis, but everyone in our club knows also the racing history of Gordini's and will respect it so we are driving always with full throttle on ice.
If you don't trust me, please come and see as Patrick "Bis" from France ( did some years ago ;).

That's all folks (this time) year we will have this nice icetrack weekend once again! Please enjoy these pictures from Ranua Icetrackdays 2014. Keep it blue! Best regards Mikko Nieminen