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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi, Mikko Nieminen

PART 1 !! > Ice-Track 15-16.02.2008 in Alahärmä, organised by Mika Kalliokoski
First we get our Gordinis from Kalliokoski garage, where we left them after Rovaniemi Ice-Track days.
Gordinis on trailer and driving to the Ice-Track. 11 Gordinin's and 1 Alpine 110

Ice-Track was at the same lake that it has been before. Track has a little different shape at this time. Around 30cm was the thickness of the Ice
. 11 Gordin was there, Mika, Harri, Jere and Roni Kalliokoski with two Gordini's. Tapio, Eero, Janne, Markku, Esa, Patrick and so one. Pekka Kotiaho were with Alpine 110 Gr: 4 at place again. I thing that, now Pekka has got the Alpine "bite" and he understand to come with us in these events! We are so nice and funny people...? No, Alpine is just so nice to drive with!!

See these photos and enjoy .. and be with us next time! By beeing present, You can only feel the spirit and hear the sound !!
NEW CAP STYLE!! Blue and two white stripes! What das that color mean? Hmmm?

Eero is showing fast line with his G. Those smooth lines were really fast. Actually quickest of the Day!

It is not so common to see Alpine 110 Gr:4 on Ice-Track in Finland...or even anywhere!! Pekka and his A110

Some pitstop photos from Alahärmä, RISTUS (Patrick!)

In that last photo, you can se Antti Suvisalmi. He is the reason why I make this web site, drive with Gordin's and so one... He is a great fellow, man and he is my Dad!

Photos from the Ice-Track wrrooommmmm >>>>



Driving two laps, slowly in group and then Flat out and > Faasstttt.....>>>>

PART 2 is coming in NEXT WEEKEND and there is a very big SUBRISE to all you!! See it in next weekend ! Gordinely Jukka "G-Gang"