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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi, Pepe Flink, Patrick Boisliveau, Tapio Piittari

2:nd Ice-Track day´s sneak preview DVD. Klick HERE

Like the title says this is a sneak preview from a full length Gordini icetrack DVD 2009.

If you would like to purchase the full DVD send email to jukka.suvisalmi(at)

For Extra in that DVD: Alpine 110 inside and Gordini driven by left feet tehnique and so one..

See the sample video and send email to jukka.suvisalmi(at) and enjoy the ride on ice...

You can allso search the vido by name "" from YouTube.

DVD prize is 15€ + post coast and delivery world wide.

Tämä on siis näyte pitkästä jääratavideostamme 2009.

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Extrana DVD.llä mm Alpine 110 sisäkuvausta jääradalla, Gordiinia ajetaan vasemmanjalan tekniikalla ym..

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in the NIGHT...luckily nobody havent any camera... Tapio had! and here are "few" photos..

In the evening on "special" dinner place and giving some awards...

PART 2 ! > 2:nd Ice-Track 23-24.01.2009 were in Ranua (Lapland) Finland

Thursday evening all G-forum gang people comes at Hotell Ilveslinna Ranua.

Everybody gets a packet from me and Patrick (Mille Miles, Mecaparts)

SE-Mäkinen Logistik, Autokoulu Pirkka, Renault Club de Finlande and Pertti "Pepe" Flink Sponsor our event.

THAK´S to YOU ALL very much !!

Go and visit in Patricks Gordini site. story from 2:st Ice-Track days in Finland.

2:nd Ice-Track 2009. Gentlemen: Start Your Engine an GO!

G-gang people comes on Thursday evening, and we have fantastic time to gether.

On Friday morning we were at breakfast at 8 !! Ok, ok not Tapani but hey ....he didin´t sleep so well...??

Then we go in garage to see SE-Mäkinen FANTASTIC TRUCK with 10 blue Gordini IN IT!!

We drive on Ranua Nationall Park and take our G´s away from that Fantastic truck.

Everybody check is G ok and after that we drive on our 1:st Ice-Track to Kivijärvi (4km)

Here we are on Markku Kivijärvi (one organisator) personall Ice-Track, on his very own lake!!

Everybody changes RACE-SPIKE tyres, Patrick too (Heimo and Pena helpt him) and then ..what happens next??

WE DRIVE ON ICE offcourse!! PATRICK too.........!!!!!

Maybe 4 or 5 roundS, we watch how Patrick were driving and.....we were little woried.

Of course we understand that this was his first time on ice and with Race tyres... but still...

Suddenly something hapends..Patrick G goes sideways, we close our eyes! Nothing happens..

We still can hear Gordinis sound, very loud and clear...we open our eyes and Patrick was still driving..

and how was he driving... like us! Sideways all the time, taking lines and throwing his G in to the coners...

We all calp our hands and run in to our G`s to go driving with our "MAD" French friend !!!

Jiiihaa!!!! Patrick...Lets have some good and FAST time together!

After "a few" laps... we take a little brake and go to visit in Markkus fantastic house. Thanks for the kafe.

On the Ice-Track again...wwwwrrooommmmm bababbbba wroommmoomm......

Look what "MAD" Patrick is doing.... Can he drive or not? YES HE Can, fokes, HE REALLY CAN! "

Well, everything nice ends sometimes so we start our trip back to the truck and Ranua.... "

What happend in the evening and in the NIGHT...luckily nobody havent any camera!!

You must come and see how fantastic and how funny we have on NEXT YEAR.

Still we had one more day to drive on Ice-Track, Saturday!!! And one more evening and night to do what we did before?? "

See you on PART 3 !! . With regards, Jukka. "