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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

Jour-G 50 Years celebration in Loheac France 3-5.2014 Made by Renault Classic France

1964 the year that first ever Renault 8 Gordini has been sold in France.
1963 there was a test by Renault with Renault 8 Sport made by Renault competion and Renault 8 G made by Amede Gordini.
That test was the first time ever when G has been on Renault 8 and after that test Renault made decision to launch Renault 8 Gordini on the market :).

So from 1964 to 2014 ist's 50 years travel that Renault 8 Gordini has mede and still strongly going on ... :).

In Loheac there was around 150-200 Gordinis and hundreds very nice people and with a good spirit.

At once when I first time hear from these Celebrations I make my decision to be there with my wife and with Gordini.

My good friend Matti Vinha with Jyrki xxx they has a plan to drive with a van to France and they promise to take my trailer and DOHC Gordini with them. Thanks for that mates!!

Hello mates. Part 2 with new photos.

When I arrived in Gordini Village, Renault Collectione people gave à spécial ticket for me. V.I.P passenger place with one Collection Gordini!!

Michel Leclère was the driver with a Gordini. The best driver ever with whom I have had a possibility to drive with. Big Thanks!!

The best thing ever wes that J.Ragnotti and Michel start to drive a real RACE! See photos... I enjoy very very VERY much!!

Also that Gordini was the best ever from the chassis and suspension. 100% behavier on track, Ofcourse Michel is a Fantastic driver.

Well mates... Who can say that has driven pass from The J.Ragnotti on the track, in race :) I can!! (Michel was driving)

Renault 1134 Gordini PROTO! for 4 lamps front.

Tthis Gordini PROTO is original car from Renault designing department and only 1 has ever made!! Fantastic !

Here is the lucky owner too :)

The Grand old mand Mr.Philippe Pechméze (80 years) and still like a steel!! Iron!! and a fast driver!!.

He has owned this gordini from NEW !! He never drive if rains. Fantastic condition and around 45.000km driven.

Here is the lucky owner too :)