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Story & pictures:J.Suvisalmi. Kalliokoski

Brothers Kalliokoski from Alahärmä, Finland. Some reason? Kalliokoski brother's has been on "hook't", love or what ever, to Gordini. I think they do not knew the reason even them self. Bu they really are loved to Gordini. They have many Gordin's in their garage, real and "a look like". Look from pictures. Rally, race and original “G”. Mika has organized Ice track happening for to Gordini people at several years in Alahärmä. Ice track day 2007 is in Alahärmä a gain. “G” brothers are driving race in rally cross with Volvo 2.4L. s.

Team Kalliokoski!

Keep the "blue mind" all the way ! Jukka Suvisalmi