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Story & pictures: Petri Pajunen, Henkka, Jukka Suvisalmi,

Kemora Circuit/Veteli/ Finlands Gordin was on track 03.09.2005

FINLAND Renault Gordins was on track at Veteli in Kemora Circuit.

Mika Kallionkoski at Härmä arrange Gordin day in Kemora. It was raining all the day, but at the 18.00 PM just when Gordins track time is beginning, sun started shining!

Even the sun knows the famous French car Renault 8 Gordin!!

also there was many Gordins with new race tyres! Mika Kallionkoski did found a new tarmac race tyre that fits at Gordin. So all of the Gordini people bought them together.

So many smiling drivers and running Gordins and all thanks to Mika.

But let's go to the photos that Henkka send to me, thanks

New photos are here now!

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