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2004 Jukka Suvisalmi. All rights reserved.
Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi trip to Loheac Renault Gordini event 3-4.10.2009
Asko, Mika, Hate and I we start our trip to Loheac at 6am on Saturday morning from Tamere Finland.
Renault Historic Collection with Trobhy Gordini have a big event in Loheac. Thanks to them.(and Patrick!!)

Patrick have made so fantastic rapport from that event so I just make a link in my site.
Few photos and then go to see the story to Patrick site. Have a nice trip..

We make a deal for year 2010. At least 4 Gordini from FINLAND are in Loheac 2010!! Two cars are all redy book to the truck Mika's (Kalliokoski) and mine.

I thing photos speak them self.... I hope you enjoy... BIG THATKS TO ALL FRENCH PEOPLE on the track.! "START YOUR ENGINE" !!!

Fantastic DRIVING Patrick!! Seems to me that you have been on Ice-Track some where??

See how much there were people!!

Some other cars water!

Part 2 is coming soon with these cras detail photos.. and more in-car photos.

Patrick story from Loheac 2009. Go and see....