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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

12:th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique 29.01-04.02. 2009

This has been one of my dreams. Go to see Monte-Carlo Historic rally.

I make this trip with my lovely wife Tarja and our friends Pekka and Asta Kotiaho.

We fly to Niza (Nice) and rent a car. Pekka has arrange everything, the hole trip! It was nice to be like a visitor! Thanks Pekka and Asta.

We just sit on the car (Me and Tarja) We visit in some castles, Vineyards, shops and Monte-Carlo special stakes on those little hills..!!

Here is "some" of my photos from the trip...

We visit in Colombo...and see some Gordini and Alpine things.

Have you ever heard place called TURINI?? Have you eat in there and see that fantastic RALLY dinner place?

We have! We even drive "The TURINI". Look that photo on my menu !

The TURINI and some CARS....!!

Abarth, Ferrari, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Ford, Alpine, Gordini, Mercedes, Citroen and with normally traffic too? !

Some accident too. See that Porsche..and see thouse corners 1 to 14!! I like those!

Fine R 8 Gordini on the mountain. Regards to you mates.

Monte Carlo in the evening. There was the parferme and around 300 Rally Cars and we!

Part 2!! with SUBERB photos from cars and people are coming soon!! Regards to all Jukka