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2004 Jukka Suvisalmi. All rights reserved.
Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

Mille Miles magazine and History of Finland Gordini 1965-1970

I write a story from Finland Gordini history to Mille Miles magazine in France.

Here you can "see" the story, but you can all so order Mille Miles magazine on the net

You can all so print the "order" page from here and send it by post or fax.

Say hello from G-forum.net to Jean-Marc Cotteret !

  • Mille Miles magazine

    French Alpine magazine, Gordinis welcomed too

  • Mile Miles translate and published it in their latest number.

    It is 4 pages story and many photos from ice-race and rally.

    You can order Mille Miles in their net site.