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Story & pictures: MOBILISTI magazine in Finland / Jukka Suvisalmi

The best Alpine and Gordini magazine in the world! Mille Miles / France

My R8 Gordini DOHC (FINLAND) is on the COVER!! What an honour!! Thanks Jean-Marc.

Mille Miles made a story from my DOHC T-58 engine in my Gordini

"R8 Gordini Double Arbre" is the name of the story in number 65/ 2008 Mille Miles.

Here you can "see" the story, but you can all so buy a new Mille Milesfrom local shop.

You can all so order Mille Miles from intenet!

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    Renault Alpine, Gordini and other Sports modell magazine.

  • Regards to all Jukka