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Do you know motor's??

Christian Luck (www.carrosserie-luck.ch) from Switcherland, was the first who knew the DOHC (last picture!) motor! Alpine 210/220 Le Mans Proto 1965-1970 !

Jorma Ikonen (EX.Autorex team mechanic) from Finland, was first who knew the other DOHC motor. Dauphine and 4 cv proto 1957-1962 !

  • Renault 4 cv/Boudot
    Renault 4 cv pages / Technique pages from France !!! / Go and see !
  • This site, I put pictures from motors. Not any normally motor's ... Renault "G", "A", Turbo, DOHC, PROTO...

    So send pictures to me from some special motor's, fine looking motor's, "G" OR "A" in 4 CV, Dauphine, Estafette?...

    Here are some and, I knew that YOU don't have a clue, where are these DOHC motor's from?? You just don't knew !!!

    Well I knew and first who send an e-mail to me, with right answer, I send a prize to him or here !!

    Off course I public winner name.

    My e-mail is at the first page

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