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Pictures and text: Jukka Suvisalmi /Vesa Lamminsivu

A NEW TRIP 2007.28.03-01.04 from Saariselkä / Finland to Kiiruna / Sweden and back, with Snowmobile (1000km/4 days)

From right 2.nd picture: Vesa "Nosturi" Lamminsivu ,"Pete" Lahtinen, Marko "Relax" Mattila, Jari "Fast" Tiainen and me "Crash" J Suvisalmi

A "trip" from Saariselkä / Finland to Kiiruna / Sweden and back.

2006 Me and my friends Marko "Relax" Mattila, Jari "Fast" Tiainen and Vesa "Nosturi" Lamminsivu. We drive 2006 from from Saariselkä (Ivalo) to Nuorgam and Arctic Ocean in Norway with snowmobiles
Trip was so fine that, we make it every year tradition.

2007 we plan to drive in Kiiruna Sweden and here are some pictures from that trip. Petri "Pete" Lahtinen is a new member in our "team"
In the beginning of the week, I was in Saariselkä with my customers. We drive all ready 500km with snowmobile.
In wednesday, Me and Pete, we drive a very FAST trip near by Saariselkä (100km). It was funny and realy fast!! Just when we come to Neste Saariselkä, I drive too fast in to big jump. Snowmobile jump "in to sky " and me too.
I was lucky!! but the snowmobile wasn't. See the picture. There is 60km/h speedlimit but I cant tell my speed at the time, to you fokes (near 60km/h)
Well "Fast" Jari is the owner of the Neste gas-station in Saariselkä. He rents snowmobiles there too, so I take new Yamaha Badboy (1100cm 130hp) from Jari.
Some tradition?? I hope not!! "2006 Jari "Fast" crach our company Yamaha 700 MountainMax in a big stone, just before our trip so... "

The Trip
At start we were driving from Saariselkä to Hetta (Enontekiö) and then to Sweden, Kiiruna. Maybe in Abisko??
From Kiiruna we plann to drive back in Finland, to Muonio and to Kittilä (Levi).
From Kittilä (Levi) back to Saariselkä.
A round 1000km in four day. That was our plan.
Sun was shining when we start our trip. Here we are in Neste Saariselkä.
First stop we did in place named Pokka.(100km from Saariselkä)
It is a place where people can buy gasoline and eat something.
The night before our trip, every one was sleeping very well. Nobody didint go at the disco!.
So, we all were very fresh in our first stop, or didn't we Marko "Relax" Mattila
After we get Marko "Relax" Mattila wakeup we drive to Hetta (Enontekiö)
Hey what's happening? Vesa "Nosturi" try to drive in deep snow...

Here we are in Hetta (Enontekiö) some 250km, first period.

From Hetta (Enontekiö) we start to travel in Kiiruna, Sweden. Kiiruna is very famous from mining business in Europe.

Do you need some ice in your drink? Get bigger glass!
We knew that ice in the lake are strong but hey... over 1M thick!!..

Every time when we stop, somebody was asking to get a ride! We didn't give any ride to anybody.

Think, somebody sitting with you at your snowmobile! No way mate!!??

Kiiruna Sweden. There was a lot of SNOW!!!

Kiiruna at night

"Nosturi" and "Relax" are looking a way to Levi from internet...( ps: they were searching who is the artist in "Hullu Poro" dancing arena.)

Photos at the trip to Levi

A village call Vittang

bon voyage

Ladys and gentleman remarkable pictures!! "Fast" is not so fast!

Grr@£$€£2£@"#¤% says "Fast" Tiainen!

Ladys and gentleman , best are still coming!! Some help to "Fast" from Pete... OOPPSSss..

From Muonio to Levi, 110km at forest. We drive it in 1h! We were so tried but HAPPY!! and hey, we was so FAST!!

"Fast", Pete and "Crash"

Our little cottage in Levi.. Style fokes style..

From Levi to Saariselkä

At last, toward to happy service and " welcome home" party??? (In our deams)

My overall km in one week was 1650km. Thats life !

2008 is waiting ...

See you then. Regards to all "Fast", Pete, "Relax", "Nosturi" and "Crash"