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Jari "Fast" Tiainen from Neste Saariselkä, Pete Lahtinen and me with Yamaha 1100cm snowmobiles.

Saariselkä > Nuorkami > Karikasniemi > Norja (Masi) > Levi > Saariselkä. 3 days / 1100km with Snowmobiles !

We try to make this trip every year but not always be so lucky.

This year it happens and jee.. it were so funny, fast and dangerous.

Jari leaves in Saariselkä and is the owner of Neste cas-station.(With his loving girlfriend Mari)

Jari with his group make extreme snowmobile salaries in Lapland. Form 1 day to 7 days..

and very extreme if customer like so. Deep snow, mountains you name it Jari knows.

They have many trips to Norway, Russian, Sweden and of course in Finland.

Customers comes from Finland, Holland, Italy, Russian and so on..

One very important issue!! > Same happy customers come again and again and again!!

I thing photos speak them self.... I hope you enjoy... We sure did!!!"SNOW TIME" !!!

On Sunday we start very late but still. We drove from Saariselkä to Kaamanen (170km) in the night.

We drove many kilometres (around 50km) on the lake (ice) in the nigh and it were very dark. .

Normally it is very easy to drive but snow and wind have make pumps all over the ice and BIG ones!.

It was very "easy" to jump over 20m long jumps..very "easy" in the night! Yes there is lights and speed limits..?

It takes 1h 50min to drive..(Normally 3h) So we take a few very long and high jumps few time...

We stay over nigh in Kaamasen kievari. At 07.30 we wake, eat breakfast and start our trip to Nuorkam..

First photo (night) Jari and Pete. Same place on next day Pete and me.

This must bee subrise to all you but THERE WERE SNOW!!

If you drive a way from the "road"?? you just drop on the deep deep snow! Nothing to do!!>

We just stop in Nuorkam (We eat)and drive next to Karikasniemi. There we stay over night. Eating, go to sauna and so one...

I have a little video camera, so video is coming on net some day. GPS that draw our route, our speed and so one...

I also have heart rate monitor and every day my average HB was around 155! Every day over 5500 calories!! Not sport??

You think it is so nice and easy to drive with snowmobile you are right! But lift your speed up, upper!! and drive 450km/day...?

We have bad battery on our camera's so see these few photos.

Did I mention that there were SNOW in Norway too!!

Somebody has been driving there before but has turn back very soon!

We didn't turn back. We love for big challenge, as you can see!!

It was very sunny but then comes, in one second the snow storm! and it gone too in one second!

Here is our route (Green / Black drawing) > >1100km.

It is always funn when you have motor between your legs!! I just love that!
See you mates!!