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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

Part 1. from: Two Ice Track's in Ranua at 29 and 30.1.2011 and some rally at the same time in Rovaniemi, so plenty of SPEEEED...

SE-Mäkinen transport our Gordinis again to Ranua, like in 2009!. Big thanks for that to Iiro Mäkinen!

We stay nights in Ranua at Hotell Ilveslinna and both Ice-Tracks were nearby the city.

First Ice-Track were in M.Kivijärvi private lake.

There we have a fantastik track, good atmosphere, fire for grill the sausages and everything. Big thanks for those!

You can only try to understand how fantastik day we have! Be there next year 2012!!

Heimo (Herrala) has come too on the track with his own race G. Last time he went of..Now he has good tyres and fron tyre on THE AIR!!!!

Somebody went of (Vesa Kalliokoski!!) but still with out any damages(for the car)..
Lot of Funny time, long time sideway with our Gordinis and many smiling "young boys"...
In Part 2, you can see more photos from the 2:nd Ice-Track!! See you mates!!