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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

Part 2! from: Ice Track's in Ranua at 29 and 30.1.2011

SE-Mäkinen transport our Gordinis again to Ranua, like in 2009!. Big thanks for that to Iiro Mäkinen!

Second Ice-Track was fantastic. Very, very long and wide, so a lot of speed and sidewayssssss...

Those people are always so very nice and with plenty of motorsport spirit . Thanks for you again!

A very good atmosphere, grill for the sausages, coffee, juice and everything. Big thanks for those!

Tapani at the morning.."Green Gordini..hah hah. Guy's are making a joke with me."
Lets see, there is not any engin...what the fu.. There is engine!! I newer drink any moore!!"
This VW belong to our quests, Iiro Mäkinen and Juha Luikkonen and it was fast too...when it run.

BMW was very nasty(with speed)to the others but okay, it belong to track owner.. so it must bee fast.

Photo 1 to 3. > Tapio Piittari tought he drive alone. He "sings" "Lalaa laa la laaa..."
But right after Tapio comes Vesa and soon he supriced Tapio. Photo 4 to 8. > Wroommm...

Somebody went of again (Tapio "Grazy" Piittari..) but still with out any damages(for the car...)
Some snow was raining.. and YHA-2 was visiting again in Raunua. Thats nice up there.
Lot of Funny time, long time sideway with our Gordinis and many smiling "young boys" like on first day.

Prize was given 2011.
Tapio and Mika for not drinking any "Tapio" in January!! Iiro Mäkinen, transporting Gordinis. Fastest man on track..??
Hey...nowbody didn't spoke anything for the fastest man on the track?? Well I knew!!

Some photos from the FASTEST MAN on the track 2011!
It was fantastik to drive with my old Gr:A Lancia after 15 years. Thanks for that, Juha.

See you somewhere. Regards: Jukka "The Fastest"