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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi, Akinaattor

Radalle.com Kemora 1-2.09.2007

G-forum.net was visiting at RADALLE.COM Race day on 1-2.09.2007

There were many Tuning cars, Drifting cars and so one. Burn out was a big thing to some drivers.

Cars, bebes', speed and drifting was the meaning in this happening. That's why we where there with Gordins! (just 20 years too late!!)

Here are few photos. See and enjoy!
Gordinis on line but hey... what is Tapani Hevonkoski doing in his G??
WINNERS: Future Gordini driver Kalliokoski "junior" was driving on podium in GO-cart race, at Vaasa. Radalle.com people chose ATC-8 "best looking Gordini" Thank's !
First (and last) people, who is still "a live", after sitting ON!! my GORDINI! But hey, she is so .....GOR...GOR...GORgeous!!
Tapio Piittari and his work car! Attention!! I'm back!!