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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

Classic Motor Show 2008 in Lahti / Finland

G-Forum.net had own stand at first time ever in exhibition!!

Our stand name were "Tour De Course 1969"

There is big suprise in the air and some things to see, at first time ever in public!!

Very well known VISITORS in our stand form France!!See photos

Big thanks to our sponsors FLAAMING, Pepe Flink, Matti Vinha Mobilia, Mansen Maniospalvelut Lielahti ja Ruuskasen Hinauspalvelut Ylöjärvi!!Thank you!!

Classic Motor Show 2008 Lahden messuhallissa!

G-Forum.net oli ensimmäistä kertaa oma osasto messuilla!!

Osaston nimi oli "Tour De Course 1969"

Yllätyksiä on ilmassa ja joitakin asioita ensimmäistä kertaa koskaan, kaikkien nähtävillä!!

Ranskalaisia, erittäin tunnettuja sekä kauniita vieraita oli osastollamme koko näyttelyn ajan!!

Kannatti tulla kyllä kauvempaakin! Näin messuvieraat kommentoivat messuja ja meidänkin osastoa.

Classic Motor Show 2008 Lahden messuhallissa! Linkki messujen sivuille alapuolella. Käy tutustumassa!


Jos olit paikalla, niin tiedät mistä puhutaan! Jos et katso kuvia!! See photos!!

"Flying Finns in Tour De Coursica Rally 1969"

The idea for the stand was "Flying Finns in Tour De Coursica Rally 1969"

From here we start, Pepe, Pekka,Hate, Toni, Heimo and I

This is service park in Tour De Course and of cource there are two French beauties with Renault 8 S to see the Flying Finns!!Voila!!

Mechanics are working? sleeping? or watching those French beauties? Who knews but they were there.

So was the Go-driver and the papparazi called "Pepe"

Now it is ready. Toni is walking a way.......so lets start the SHOW!!

"Me? Noouu I didin't lookt at those beauties, I mean thouse dolls... You are my darling baby, You!"

Hey ...who is she?...hmmm .... Phonenumber, thank you??

Some young visitors with same passion that we have......Blue is so beautiful...

Toni (Garage Herrala brother's) and his brand new Rally Gordini!! Look at his work! Ps. there She was again! Wow..

Regards to all and thanks Jukka