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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

Toni Herrala with Jarno Metso and Renault 8 Gordini Fly in Historic Rally serie at Finland 2011
Toni and Jarno drove 2009 and some rallyes 2010. They were always on top 3 overall
A few so call "Not even close" situations and one real "roll over" thye have had. If you dont try, you cant win!

Now Toni and Jarno are driving again in Historic series 2011.
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"Not even close"

"Roll Over"
and Garage Herrala...

Here they are, back on business 2011. 1:st rally and 1 place! Good driving mates!!

Riihimäki Rally 1:st place in 1300 class and around 10:th overall.

So lets see what's happening but one thing is sure. Other competitors can just admire the speed...