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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

One of my dreams are true, my garage (and house)

One of my dreams has come true. I have had many cars (rally and normally) and many garages. All garages were at least 15km a way from my home. So many nights a way from home just before rallies, repairing the car. Now I have the garage at my house! All cars are in the same house with me! (and family) Just go to downstairs and I'm in my garage. Now I can start my ALPINE project with out leaving anywhere, just going to my garage. My wife can make a coffee and bring that to me...... just dreaming! Toys of men's and boys has only little differences, only size and prise

New order in my garage. More space.>

Electric alarm eyes controls in my garage always!! There are so many memories to me!>>>>

Before the changes.>

Photos at my old rally cars 1. Sunbeam Imp Gr:2

2. Audi Quattro Gr. A

3. Lancia Integrale Gr:N

4. Lancia Integrale Gr.A (Abarth)

5. Renault 8 G Gr.2